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this is VEL

Catchy melodies, rhythmic synths, in the feels. 

VEL is the creative child of Nathan Tarasko.


Raised in Waterloo, Ontario by a 100 year old piano, a beginner guitar and a head voice that groomed itself, VEL began to create music from his bedroom studio. Falling in love with lush synthesizers and up tempo drum rhythms, VEL pursued the music that calls one to the dance floor. 

Finding the emotion in lyrics and melodies continues to push VEL forward, creating relevant music with heart wrenching stories of love, loss and hope found in his lyrics. 

VEL has released music gathering over 175,000 streams. 


indie pop music 

With the rapid change and styles of music today, VEL longs to create modern music with hints of the past for flavour. Focussing on his pop roots, jazz influences and classical theory for details.  

Starting fresh, VEL released his new single 'Outta My Head' on May 22, 2020. On June 19, he  followed it up with the rhythmic summer anthem 'All My Love'.

His debut EP, 'In My Dreams' is scheduled to release in late November. 

Looking for more music? Hear VEL live.

Music by VEL is available on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Youtube, Tidal and more.

Click here for more listening options. 



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